I never know. Whatever God or laws of the natural science that decide what happened that day — I could never know what were they thinking; to create consciousnesses that are aware only to make them cease after what must be one-infinith of the universe’s lifetime.

The truth is no…

I woke up.

Stared by my drowsy eyes were an unfamiliar wooden ceiling. What’s more unfamiliar than that was the air; The air around me was clean, and the smell of an aromatic incense permeates it. “Fancy” I thought to myself.

As I started to gain full consciousness, I can…

Mr Amadeus Eichewalde was eating lunch with his intern, James Li. “So, how’s the Machine Learning team going?” asked the billionaire to the young Chinese-Canadian man. “Great,” he answered. “Having native datasets cut down the time we need for data collection and exploration. We can focus more on cleaning the…

“That’s me,” she smiled.

“How, it should work? The Scabbard should make a connection to King Arthur,” the priest is so dumbfounded.

The archbishop looked at me. “You must be very important to him. But at the same time, you must be quite a heroic figure, aren’t you miss?” …


Sakya is an engineer that has experience in creating indie games, short movies, and plays. He happens to love anime and is grateful for the existence of one IU.

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